Squishy DIY Toy Maker for kids

Stencil Art, Craft & Coloring 

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The game offers two playing modes:
* Kit Mode 
Creative Mode.


Kit Mode is a learning mode. you get to craft and paint a squishy according to pre-designed figures. Follow the instructions, cut, sand and color so you end up with a beautiful squishy to add to your collection.

The Squishy DIY madness is here, and it has never been more magical and fun! 

Enjoy the creative process of crafting and painting your own squishy. Use the tools to cut and sand the squishy shapes. Paint the squishy with stencils and color spray, step by step.


The Creative Mode is all up to your imagination, you can choose the colors, decide which features to add and design your squishy as you like.

With the squishy simulator you can have all the fun of DIY without the mess! 


Play - Create - Benefit

We, in Pazu, believe that games are a normal part of modern childhood and can be beneficial to children’s growth and education. Games spark creativity and can help develop certain life skills.

Playing is a modern way of highlighting personalities and interests. It allows children to create and explore a world they can master. Pazu's games involve planning, creative self-expression, imagination, and a deep understanding of game rules and structure. Every Pazu game designed to be a fun and enjoyable way to include meaningful and active engagement. 


Pazu's games are loved and trusted by over 100 million kids and parents worldwide. Our games enable kids to play on their own, without the support of adults, in interactive learning and creating space.